Thursday, January 26, 2006

ACLUseless Blogburst

Stop The ACLU

Reason #7 Why I Hate The ACLU.
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The Ohio chapter is too worried about the condition of the accomodations for death row inmates.

"The Berkeley Wright Institute psychiatrist Terry Kupers, a witness for the plaintiff, testified that placing death row inmates in supermaximum facilities would result in deteriorated mental health, an increase in suicides, and an increase in requests to "volunteer" for execution."
Poor babies. Sure don't want these murderers to kill themselves and save the tax payers some money.
"Prisoners were locked in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, in bleak concrete cells measuring 71/2-by-11 feet. Each cell had a sink and toilet, a small desk, a concrete stool, a concrete slab with a thin mattress, and a slim rectangular window."
How dare they. They need cable tv, CD players, computers. You know, the basics.

Throw them in a 8' hole and give them a bowl of soup for each meal.

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