Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Time for a contest. Who has the messiest desk. Just take a picture of your crap covered desk. And please don't "dress" it up for the picture. Have it be the normal everyday junk. The winner will be announced Friday and shall receive a free song by The Who of your choice. Pretty cool. Here's an example.
As you can see, I have my Yoda, a lent roller, Pink Floyd CD, MP3 player, toenail clippers, floss pick, power adapter for my monitor, a stereo remote, note pad, pen and pencil, pocket knife, two SD card holders, volume control for my wicked sick speakers, a pedometer and my mic. You can upload your picture at TinyPic.
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Jake said...

I win.


Christopher Lee said...

Well, seeing as how you'll probably be the only one entering, you may just win. I'm surprised though. I was expecting a huge picture of Bill Clinton hanging on your wall.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast..

I'll be posting my picture tommorrow..