Thursday, January 5, 2006
The Messiest Desk Winner Is....
Jeeze louise people. Hire a maid. And here I thought I had a messy desk. Mine's nothing compared to some of yours. This was a close one. I had six people enter from both Right-Wing & Right Minded and Hooah Wife. Below are the entries.

Don Singleton
Chevey Rose

All had some pretty big messes. But it came down to two. brainhell and Don Singleton. Simply because their messes also included their keyboards and mouse(mise?) making it a little harder to work. The rest of us, with the exception of Skye, have them on a separate pullout drawer. And while it was hard to choose from the two, I do have a winner. Even though he uses an Apple, the winner is brainhell. I mean, what doesn't he have on that desk? I see books upon books, drinking glasses, two bottles of hand sanitizer, medicine, money, glue, CD cases, a tape measure, a ruler, pencils, a camcorder, a piece of wood and some other things I just can't identify. Congratulations, brain hell. I'll be in contact with info on how to get your prize.


Jake said...

Oh, there will be hell to pay.

Christopher Lee said...

Oh, come on now. This isn't the first time you've lost something. Remember gym class?