Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm Am Not A Crook

My Right-Wing Brothers and Sisters. As I was walking around the homestead today I had this thought. What's the number one thing we hear the Democrats say when we dare bring up something the Liberal Lord and Savior Bill Clinton did that was, let's say, less than proper? "Bill Clinton's not the president. When are you going to get over him?". I'm sure we've all had someone tell us that a some point. Well, I have come up with the perfect comeback. And it all stems from this whole NSA/wiretap thing. If you listen carefully you'll hear one name pop up over and over and over. Richard Nixon. "That's something Nixon would have done". "That's Nixonian". However, it's not limited to the NSA/wiretap story. Watch a movie or television show. The Left love to bring up Nixon when ever they can. I mean hell, watch some reruns of Becker sometime. So, the next time some Daft Liberal tell you, "Bill Clinton's not the president. When are you going to get over him?", just tell them "As soon as you get over Richard Nixon".
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Duez said...

That's funny. But remember that Nixon was president long before many 30 year old's memory was functional. So this idea of yours is pretty well dated.

I guess if you are talking to an older person?

Christopher Lee said...

Not really. Many on left continue to remind us that Clinton hasn't been president for 6 years and that we should just get over it. Well, Nixon ain't been president for 30, I think it's really time to get over him.

Anonymous said...

I think the main difference though is that the current presidency mirrors the Nixon presidency in many ways, while Clinton has nothing to do with anything (unless you can somehow blame the wiretapping and the lies and coverups on Clinton somehow?).

But it's a decent comeback.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Clintons not pres?..say it isnt so!..haha ok ok Chris jus teasin. But ure so right...they have their mantras..'thats so Nixonian" if that makes them appear so much more intelligent. sheesh. The Pres. will continue to protect us regardless of their whining in the end ..they are the ones who will jus hafta GETOVERIT.

Christopher Lee said...

Za, when one of us evil right-wingers dare bring up the fact that Clinton ordered warrentless searches, which I support by the way, we get hit with the line about him not being president anymore. But it's not only the wiretap story. It's everthing.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Well as I've said, not a Democrat. I agree with Republican accusations against him on the warrantless searches.

Not constitutionally legal. So much so that the Bush administration couldn't even justify doing it to non-US citizens, let alone people who actually DO come under the constitution.