Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Barack Obama
I was watching some of the news programs tonight and I saw that the DNC pull out their token black man, Barack Obama, for the television cameras to bash the GOP. Every time they bring him out it's as if they're trying to say, "See, we like the black man. Give us your vote". Am I the only one who feels he's just their puppet?
Repeat After Me
And did anyone else catch the catch phrase for the Democrats campaigns this year? "The Culture Of Corruption", "Culture Of Corruption", "The Republican Culture Of Corruption". Get use to that phrase, they're going to beat it like a horse dog this year.
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Anonymous said...

Let's see - a large portion of the Republican party is under investigation under either fraud or bribery charges. You'll have trouble naming a Democrat who is.

You have a President who orders the NSA to listen into people's phonecalls without warrants, which is an illegal action, both constitutionally and under the current anti-terror laws.

Oh, and you're the guy who WANTS his politicians corrupt.

So I don't see how you can really complain about it.