Friday, January 13, 2006

He-Man Woman Haters Club

Don't you just love a good hypocrite Democrat.
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Through out the confirmation hearing for Samuel Alito, Ted Kennedy has been going nuts about his past ties to a group called Concerned Alumni of Princeton because of their views on the admission of woman to the school. Well, it seems that ol' 90 Proof Kennedy himself was a member of a sexist club of his own back at Harvard. Called The Owl Club, it was evicted from the Harvard campus nearly 20 years ago after refusing to allow female members. But Chris, Kennedy hasn't been involved with that club for years. True, but as of September 7, 2005 he was still updating his personal information on it's website. So he still supports them. Kind of like Alito and the Concerned Alumni of Princeton. And I love the way Kennedy's spokeswoman tried to spin it.
"there is 'absolutely no comparison' between the Owl Club, a social group, and an organized effort to 'exclude women from getting an education' at Princeton.
'It's a social club. It's like a fraternity,' she said. 'He has been fighting to break down barriers for decades'"
I'm sure Za would agree with that. Ted Kennedy is the last person who should be talking about right from wrong. I mean, he is a murderer after all.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, remember what I said about understanding and you having none?

Still holds true.

What you're "sure" of doesn't mean jack.

Christopher Lee said...

And what you think means even less.

Anonymous said...

Oh of course, because what I think has absolutely no relation to what I'd agree with.

Grow up - you seriously act like you're in primary school.

Christopher Lee said...

Please refer to my comment about being as smart as me. I meant what you think means less to me. Not you.