Thursday, January 12, 2006


Finally Oklahoma gets Powerball. With a $76,000,000 jackpot. Should I ever win that, just like Ron White, you'll never see my fat ass again. Beach home in Hawaii. Then I'll fly each and everyone of you out there for a week long blog party. PARTY!!!!
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Anonymous said...

haha! Yay!

If I win Powerball, I'm going to create a Consevative Blogger Amusement Park!

Rides will be built such as:

Kerry's Moral Dilemma (the swinging Pirate Ship)

Dean's Scream (Immitate Dean's Scream when you experience a 50-foot freefall!)

MoDo Shooting Range (shoot as many white males as possible!)

Ted's WaterPark (see how fast you can make it out of a sinking car!)

Hollywood House of Horror (don't let the rhinoplastied celebrities jumping out of walls scare you!)

Christopher Lee said...

You're really put some thought into that.