Sunday, January 22, 2006

Transporter 2

Staring Jason Statham, Alessandro Gassman, Matthew Modine & Keith David
Rated PG-13 (Violence, Language, Brief Nudity)
Transporter 2
Holy crap. This was a great movie. A true "guys" movie. Awesome fights, gun play, mass explosions, a hot blonde walking around the entire movie in either her underwear or nothing but a sheet and very little plot. A rich man's son is kidnapped and infected with a super flu that's meant to kill the politicians who're trying to crack down on the drug trafficking from Columbia. This was almost a good as the first Transporter, but not quite. Frank, Jason Statham, doesn't actually play a transporter in this one. He drives the kid around town. But the end does set up for a part three, so there's hope. Only one complaint I have. They should have given this movie the subtitle "The Audi Movie". They made sure to show the Audi logo at every possible moment. And make sure you pay close attention to the car chase scene. The car, an Audi, doesn't get a single scratch on it. Even after breaking through a cement barrier. But this is great movie.5-Star
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Anonymous said...

I agree, this was a good movie. I also agree that the first one was better.