Monday, January 16, 2006

Cleaning House

I just got finished going through my blogroll, something I haven't done in a long time, and got rid of quite a few dead links. The weird thing is it made me kind of sad. It got me to thinking about where this blog has gone. I've never been a big dog in the game, but just a year ago I doing pretty good. Pulling in 60-70 readers a day. Now I get about 20-30...on a good day. I think what did me in was the moving. From Blogger to Modblog, then just a few months later moving back. But it also let me know who my faithful readers were. Will I ever reach where I was? Most likely not. Am I a little saddened by that? Of course. But as long as a stay true to myself and continue to do what I've done almost 21/2 years I'll be fine. Plus I'm now a poster over at Hooah Wife, so I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. Sadly, these blogs are my life.
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Opinionnation said...

Blog Clicker works well.

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Opinionnation said...

I checked my link and it is

not opinionnation.blogspot

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Really - I must find you a woman. Be glad we are getting about 200 hits a day at Hooah - and you are one of the reasons why!!! If you want to be a top dog - I know all the tricks - I actually studied it for 6 months! Shut off the damn word verification will you?

Christopher Lee said...

Anthony - That's something I forgot to put. I use to try and get as many readers as I could. I'm content with most of those I have now. And I thought I'd changed your link. Sorry about that. I fix it.

Greta - If I turn off word verification I get bogged down with spam.

Elmers Brother said...

Don't stop or get discouraged, we need you.

Duez said...

Don't be silly. Write what you want, people will come or not. But, don't have the end in mind as numbers. Any blog that is trying to just attract attention is not usually worth reading anyway.

Those that stay true to themselves and are personal are best.