Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Child Rapist Gets Off

We've seen it a lot lately. Judges giving child rapists a slap on the hand for their crimes. Well, it's happened again. This time in Nebraska. District Judge Kristine Cecava has given 50-year-old child rapist Richard W. Thomson 10 years of probation instead of a prison sentence because, and get this, she feels he is too small to survive in prison. Thompson is only 5' 1". I'm only 5' 5", does that mean I can go out, commit a crime, and not have to go to jail? I smell free pass. Thank God Bill O'Reilly is pushing so hard for Jessica's Law.

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David Taylor said...

How small was the child?

Christopher Lee said...

Don't know.

Anonymous said...

Broken liberal logic. Prison is inherently dangerous becaus eof the nature fo the people there. By this reasoning we should never send child molesters to prison because they are in danger. Gays might be too. Women as well. Where does it stop?

We also might not be able to send pyscopaths to prison because they may hurt the other prisoners. Judicial activism by a completely brainless bimbo. She is on the council in Nebraska that oversees the protection of children.