Monday, May 1, 2006

George Bush Should Resign

Unless President Bush finally takes a stand on the problem of the United States/Mexico border and does something about the illegals already here, he needs to resign. The job of the president is to protect and uphold the laws of the land. He's not doing that. Some will whole heartedly disagree with me while others probably have a big smile on their faces. I care for neither. The border, with the way it is today, presents this country with a security issue that can no longer be ignored. Just because the 9/11 terrorist came into this country through Canada means nothing. The next one may very well come, or has already done so, through Mexico. Close the border and erect a security fence. Then deal with the illegals already here. Jail them, deport them, give them amnesty. I really don't care anymore. Just do something.
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Duez said...

I find it amazing that conservatives are picking illegal immigration as a reason for Bush to resign. Yet no one dies over the issue. He has done so much worse, yet it is water off a duck's back to you.

alyceclover said...

Like your header, good picture. Haven't you heard it's the new Bush Regime, he's not going anywhere, he has the voice of God directing his actions. I'm a first generation American, so was never concerned about Immigration. After the protests and reading the ugly words and signs did some research. Didn't know that Spain was once a Muslim country. The Muslims I personally know are a peaceful people, not filled with hatred like those defending their "blood", the illegal immigrants. I'd hate a new Berlin War, but you may very well be right.