Friday, May 5, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

Can someone please tell me why we celebrate this day here in America? This is a Mexican holiday. Do people in Mexico celebrate the Fourth Of July? I'm guessing not. I know some would like to think that this is Mexico, but it's not and all your bitching doesn't make it so. And Mexico, you're welcome.
Maximilian's rule was short-lived. Mexican rebels opposed to his rule resisted, seeking the aid of the United States. Once the American Civil War was over, the U.S. military began supplying Mexicans with weapons and ammunition, and by 1867, the rebels finally defeated the French and deposed their puppet Emperor. The Mexican people then reelected Juárez as president.
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FletcherDodge said...

You have some of the historical facts missing. Here's the true story behind Cinco de Mayo.

!Feliz Hellman's!

Anonymous said... is another reason to drink

Gary said...

I gotta tell you I.C., I didn't see one Cinco de Mayo celebration on Friday here in so cal. In fact, I didn'te even hear about any celebrations. Just went to work, had Sushi for lunch and came home... (Got a little food poisoning though. Should'a had tacos!)

Anyway, I think they spent all there amo on Monday, and couldn't miss 2 days of $4.50 an hour wages. Either that, or they were affraid of getting shot.