Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Talk, Pt.3

Oh, that wacky Ahmadinejad. Now Israel cannot continue and one day will vanish. That crazy terrorist.
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Anonymous said...

They both treat each other like crap, so it's hardly surprising they both say the same things about each other.

Israel bombs everyone else as much as they get bombed, they imprison people, remove their passports and then make lots of noise when they don't leave the country, they demolish people's houses. Hardly surprising that every neighbouring country hates their guts.

At the same time, similar things are true of the surrounding nations.

Christopher Lee said...

There's one big difference, that I've brought up before. As far as I know, Israel doesn't target innocent people. They target leaders in Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Actually they do. They bomb cities for heaven's sake! I have friends who've been out to the Gaza strip - they were bombing churches (Christian churches I mean!), and people's houses, and hospitals.

When I said they remove people's passports, they've done it en masse to large amounts of Palestinians. Are you suggesting that hundreds, if not thousands, of Palestinians are "leaders in Hamas"?