Thursday, May 18, 2006

Puppet Of The Left-Wing Hate Machine

To go along with this story.
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Opinionnation said...

Ohh Yeahhh! says the Kool-Aid man

Not only does it go along with the story but it speaks to the larger issue of The Daily Show being an arm of the Democratic Party. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Just like Al Jazeera is an arm of Al Qaeda?

Most of the "lies" are polemics based off facts, or just the facts themselves.

I still have to ask, since no-one answered me, DOES everyone not mind if the government spies on our grandmothers? Apparently it's a lie that we do mind.

Christopher Lee said...

See, that's were the spin comes in. They're not spying on grandma, unless grandma has ties to a terrorist organization.

Anonymous said...

False actually. I know that they go to up to three degrees of separation from possible problem people.

They have no method of officially tracing people from an organisation. It's not as if any of the groups you're trying to track down have some sort of headquarters - an official hotline perhaps.

Allow me to explain to you how Echelon works. Echelon monitors all forms of communication for key words. Any one of these key words will trigger them off to what you are saying. I'm assuming that they have a minimum required amount of key words, otherwise they'd get tripped off a ridiculous amount (I've seen a list of the major key words, quite a lot are innocuous). From there, they trace everyone you call, everyone they've called, and everyone they've called.

That winds out to be several hundred people from a single suspect. Nothing concrete, just a suspicion.

And referencing back to our previous "is Al Jazeera an arm of Al Qaeda" discussion, it's not worth jack. Disposable phones and word-of-mouth carriers cannot be traced by those methods. Why do you think they can't even trace from a known drop off point back to Al Qaeda? Do you really think a hit and miss approach will give them a solid connection?