Monday, May 8, 2006

More Great Firefox Extentions

From the man that brought you Performancing, Cache Fixer & Firefox Preloader comes some more must have extentions.

First on the table is Spellbound. It's a spellchecker that can either check as you type or what you highlight. Works great.

Second is Flashblock. If you're on dial-up you need this. It stops flash movies from loading. Instead it brings up a button you can click if you want to load it. Cuts page loads in half.

Third is Linkification. It converts text links into clickable links. No more cutting and pasting.

Fourth is TinyURL Creator. Just right-click a page with a long URL and create a smaller one. Great for forms.

And last we have one of the coolest. If you use GMail, you need GMail Skins. It skins your GMail page. Different colors and layouts. Here's a screenshot.

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Anonymous said...

You should email each of the companies that make those products and show them your article on this blog. Might be worth some money dude...