Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Rally Turns Violent 2

First it was this rally, now this one.

A pro-illegal immigrant rally in Chula Vista, California turned violet yesterday.
The demonstration began peacefully as one of the many "Day Without Immigrants" demonstrations that took place around the county. But at about 8 p.m., some of the 800 to 1,200 protesters began throwing rocks and bottles at deputies, sheriff's Lt. Phil Brust said.
A couple of things that really piss me off about this.
No arrests were made
Why the hell not? Illegals were breaking the law, again. And this
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has a history of tension with Vista's Latino community. Although nearly 50 percent of Vista residents speak Spanish as their first language, not a single deputy patrolling the city's streets is fluent in Spanish, according to the department.
And? Is it these officers fault that these assholes didn't bother to learn the god damned language before sneaking into this country?
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alyceclover said...

Carolyn Fisher is sitting in jail, so is Teresa Grady, Their crime's were protesting war. Many more arrests. Guess the police are simply afraid of the Mexican/Americans. It's funny they want the language to be changed to Spainish, and claim the US of A stole their land. The land was stolen by Spainards and other Europeans, from it's original natives.

Ed B. said...

Like I said in my blog post, these protests are the most ignorant things I've seen in a long while.
"Give us citizenship for breaking the law!"
Go eat donkey.

That's pretty sucky about no arrests. I say make it a felony. Build the damn wall already.

Anonymous said...

It's ludicrous. If I WENT AND THREW rocks at cops, I would be hauled off the the slammer. But because we don't want to hurt the feelings of criminals, they are allowed to attack a police officer. I've never seen such a double-standard. I'm telling you, Master of None and I are packing up and hauling out soon.

It's sickening being here. Everyone, including the local media, is just SO sympathetic towards the illegals' plight. I turned on the local news to watch the weather and THEY WERE INTERVIEWING PEOPLE IN SPANISH. Holy Crap! I can't even understand my own news stations anymore!