Sunday, May 28, 2006

Political Correctness Finds Another Victim

First it was dodgeball and now this. Next year, in the state of Connecticut, high school football coaches will have a limit on how many times their team can score in a game. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference has come up with what's being called a "score management" policy. If a team wins a game by more than 50 points the coach of said team will be suspended for one game for "an unsportsmanlike infraction". Don't want the poor kids to feel like too big a losers.

"Okay guys, we're up by 30 points. Thompson, I want you to pass to Smith. Smith, I want you to then give the ball to the other team. We don't want them to feel left out."

If you're team sucks so bad as to fall behind by 50 points maybe you shouldn't be on the field.
Credit: Opinonnation Times

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Van Helsing said...

Why not just take political correctness to its natural conclusion by declaring the team that scores the least points the winner?

Anonymous said...

It's highschool football. Not a professional league.

Professional footballers generally have enough courtesy not to treat their opponents like crap if they've won. Highschool footballers generally don't.

Christopher Lee said...

VH, you joke but I'm willing to bet San Francisco will one day create a policy that does just that some day.

Za, that has nothing do with this. This policy isn't about gloating. It's about nothing more than winning.

Anonymous said...

Once again; the left has found a way to punish achievement.

Anonymous said...

Actually Chris, it does. The policy is to prevent social dominance - being unsportsmanlike.

They're attempting to turn sports away from being competitive towards being about having fun.

Anonymous said...

Sportsmanship is like manners. It should be how you are raised and part of your character not something you legislate and demand that everyone adhere to.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sportsmanship is like manners. It should be how you are raised and part of your character - but in the high school sports culture, what's the normative body to do that?

Oh, schools. Which are legislated.

Your argument only works if you want people's parents to be running high school sports.