Thursday, May 11, 2006

Never Put Better

Read this over at Seaspook's. It's a letter from a retired border patrol agent to Sen. Bill Frist.
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Anonymous said...

A few issues I have with the letter:

His second point says that illegal aliens take jobs away from Americans. The thing he doesn't say is that it's the Americans who are choosing to pay illegal aliens at less than the standard wages that Americans work for, thus driving American workers out of those jobs and replacing them with the cheaper immigrants. Capitalism at work.

His third point is debatable. The fact that $20 billion each year is taken out by illegal aliens could just as easily be taken as evidence that the US's drug policies aren't working, and the South American crime syndicates are thriving.

His fifth point is untrue - specifically the "legal immigrants" comments. Please show me where the Native American government ratified the "European immigrants who rape our women, steal our resources and kick us off our land are perfectly legal" act? It was only "legal", because invaders very rarely write laws prohibiting themselves from invading places.

In response to point 8 - then annex them and put an end to it!

That's all I really have to say.