Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Illegal's Captured

Authorities in Phoenix, Arizona arrested and detained almost 600 people Wednesday. After a two month operation authorities arrested 62 people accused of human smuggling and detained 528 illegals. They also manged to seize 62 vehicles, $4.8 million in cash, 11 weapons, 5 kg of cocaine and $1.8 million in property.

-Hello, this is President Bush.
-Hello, Mr. President. This is reality calling.
-Yes sir, Mr. President. I'm just calling to tell you to please do something about the border situation.

See, it can be done. To go along with that story, we have this that John K brought to my attention. It alleges that the United States Border Patrol is tipping off the Mexican government about the location of the Minutemen. However, there seems to be some discrepancy about this story. I hope it's not true. I hate to think that some of the BP were doing that.
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