Friday, May 26, 2006

War Veterans Need Our Help (Please Read)

As you all know, the Mt. Soledad cross is in trouble. If you don't know, the Mt. Soledad cross is a memorial put up in California erected during the Korean War in honor of the men and women in the armed forces. As you may also know, the ACLU is trying to get it torn down. The cross is on private property but that doesn't matter to them. The people of San Diego voted to hand over the land to the federal government and it was declared a national monument. The ACLU didn't care about that. They went to a state judge and got the ruling overturned. The city will now have to remove the memorial in less than 90 days unless a state or federal judge orders a stay of the order or President Bush or Congress steps in and takes the land. Head over to the Thomas More Law Center, the law firm trying to save the memorial, to sign their petition that will be sent to President Bush. Click here to find out more about the memorial.

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