Friday, May 19, 2006

That's Iran For You

This Was Brought To My Attention By Reader John K

Have a gander at this. I tend to believe this is real because they have a page up with links to news stories about it. And America is the bad guy in the world?
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Anonymous said...

Always making things "either/or" - either Iran is the bad guy or America is. They can't both possibly do bad things - they're against each other!

Anonymous said...

You are losing your mind, Za.
But like I have always said; Liberalism IS a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Of course I am John. America would never do anything wrong - like fund terrorists in the Middle East. No siree. The Mujhadeen (and by extension Al Qaeda) were freedom fighters. Same for those dissident groups in Iran that Rice suggested you should fund. History shows that THAT will never come back to bite you in the ass.

And that's just one of many things I could point out.

Anonymous said...

What about executing a teenage girl who defended herself against a rapist; is AMERICAS fault? Please stick to the article but Iam sure your warped circular reasoning will find a way.

Anonymous said...

Did I say it was America's fault? You're insane John. I said BOTH SIDES are doing bad things.

You support terrorists. They support terrorists. Your troops massacre civilians. Their troops massacre civilians. They kill people for wrong reasons. You kill people for wrong reasons.

Is there any part of that that isn't getting through?

Anonymous said...

Yes...Your whole philosophy of life has not been getting through for almost two years now. Among other things. Becauase we who have lived life and not just observed; it know different.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, half of that was gibberish.

I wouldn't be surprised if my philosophy hasn't been going through, because it only took you... about a day to brand me a "terrorist lover", an "America hater" and so on. You didn't actually notice that most of the foreign policy points I made were specifically designed to get the US more support, to prevent the waste of US money, and to increase US security and liberties.

If you actually care, read my journal. I state quite clearly what my philosophy is and why (theoretical politics section mostly). You are perfectly free to express your opinions on them, and interact with anything I raise there.