Friday, May 12, 2006

The Government's Finally Getting It

The United States Congress is finally thinking about doing what's right. They're considering overhauling the failed "fence" along the US/Mexico border. About time.

We also have this. The Pentagon is considering sending troops to protect the border. What? You mean they're actually thinking about doing something they should have been doing all along? Wow. But this is where the story get stupid. Lt. Cmdr. J.D. Gordan, who's a spokesman for the Pentagon, said
The U.S. and Mexican governments continue to work together to control the border and collaborate on these important efforts
Since when? Wasn't it the Mexican government that was handing out maps on where the best routes to cross the border were? The Mexican government doesn't care about this issue. They're more than happy to have their poor leave Mexico for America. Work together. Please.
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