Wednesday, August 17, 2005
If you'll remember back in July I posted about an adoption effort in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here's an update. The children that the July post talked about, most were able to be adopted by loving homes. But there is another group of orphans coming from Russia in November who will be needing a loving home as well. Below are some pictures of the children that are in need of a home. Click on a picture to view full size.

Svetlana KrivonosSergey KuznetsovPetrunina ElenaOlga Zaretskikh
Maxim Grigor'evMaria KorolevaMargarita BorvovikAlexey Popov

Sadly, most of the people that adopt are wanting a baby and in doing so millions of older children get ignored. If you or someone you know have been thinking about adopting a child, head over to The National Heritage Foundation to see how you can help.
Thanks Greta.
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Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Thanks for posting this. The kiddos thank you too.

Christopher Lee said...

My pleasure.