Monday, August 22, 2005
So, The Rolling Stones are upset that Bush doesn't listen to them when it comes to foreign policy. I can't imagine why he wouldn't listen to them. After all, rock stars are the foremost experts when it comes do dealing with foreign policy. Just ask them and they'll tell you so.

I love the Stones. They've made some of the best music of all time, but I think it's sad that they wrote "My Sweet Neo Con". They're just trying to jump on the "big thing" bandwagon, which today seems to be "bash Bush and all Republicans". They want to sell records and get on MTV so bad that they'll compromise their integrity to do it. But what else can you expect from the Left?
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing


Anonymous said...

What cracks me up is how the word "Neo-con" keeps being thrown around. A Neo-Con originally meant a person who was not a conservative becomming a political conservative late in life. Now Lib's all think it just means Conservative, period. Ignorance is bliss on the left.

Jake said...

Chris, either you have extremely small hands, or the hole in your ass is huge. Otherwise, I don't how you pulled this one out.

Where in the world did you get the idea they're upset Dubya won't listen to them?

Oh, and just like the Beatles, Elvis, Nirvana, etc, I don't like the Rolling Stones. (Perhaps I like a song or two, but I wouldn't even begin to know if it was by them or not.)


Christopher Lee said...

"George Bush doesn't listen to us," Keith Richards said.
That's where I got it from.

Christopher Lee said...

Merriam-Webster defines a NeoCon as "a former Liberal espousing political conservatism". So how is Bush a NeoCon? As far as I know, he's never been a Liberal.

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Jake, if you read the news, you'd know what the Keith Richards said. I love the Stones and expect all rock stars to go against the grain. At this point in their careers, did they really need to slam Bush personally - no!

Anonymous said...

i believe they have pulled a dixie chick here. it was really dumb to make a stupid song like that and bash people for publicity.

Anonymous said...

1) Neo-con has two meanings. Firstly, it can mean a liberal who has "converted" (*ahem*been tainted*cough*).
Secondly, it can mean a brand of new conservatism that Bush and co marketted with his first campaign - the so-called "compassionate conservatism". I'm assuming that's where he compassionately bombs the crap out of people.

2) It's hardly surprising people bash the Republicans, when extensive polling has shown that the majority of Americans aren't aware of where each party stands on the issues, and that the Republican party is actually quite far to the right of what most Americans really want.

Unfortunately the political campaigns are more "image-based" than "issue-based", which makes that result hardly surprising.

Jake said...

"George Bush doesn't listen to us," Keith Richards said.

Where do you get that they're upset from that?

He's simply saying that he didn't listen to them before (their music, not their politics) and he especially won't now.

Oh, I did find one song of theirs I like but I've forgotten the title of it (this will be bugging me all day now). But like I've said, up until yesterday I didn't know it was their song.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that's where he compassionately bombs the crap out of people. Za; the compassionate part is towards American they are being protected not toward our enemies.

Anonymous said...

Yes John, I'm sure it does (although it looks more to be compassion towards corporate society more than America, but anywho). I was demonstrating a little thing called "sarcasm".