Sunday, August 28, 2005
Muddy was playing when I was plowing, He had something that no one else had and I loved to hear him play. I call him today the Godfather of the Blues. In fact, I've got his music with me right now.
-B.B. King

Muddy Waters was the kingpin, the head honcho and the big hoodoo. I was standing there beside him when he electrified the blue.
-Omar & The Howlers on Low Down Dirty Blues

The blues had and baby and they called it Rock & Roll.
-Muddy Waters

Well, in case you haven't guessed it yet, this weeks Sunday Blues is encompassed around the man that made the blues what it is today. The one, the only, the Godfather, Muddy Waters. His song, I'm Ready. How do you describe Waters's sound to someone who's never heard it? It's surprisingly difficult. Smooth mellow voice that can be calming and energetic at the same time. I'm Ready is a great piano and harmonica song. And what is Waters ready for? Well, just some lovin' and fightin' that's all.

I got a axe-handled pistol on my graveyard frame,
That shoot tombstone bullets, wearin balls and chain,
I'm drinkin TNT, I'm smokin dynamite,
I hope some screwball start a fight...

I been drinkin gin like never before,
I feel so good I want you to know.
One more drink, I wish you would,
It takes a whole lotta lovin to make me feel good.

So head on over and download the song. It's a great introduction to the blues for those of you who aren't fans.
Muddy Waters