Friday, August 19, 2005
I've been having some problems with my computer for the last couple of days and I think I may be my hard drive going out. Maybe someone here could help me out. The computer will randomly freeze for a few seconds then start right back up then freeze again and on and on. Some of files names have turned blue.
My CD-ROM will freeze up and not work at all which will, for some reason, results in my browser not opening. IE or Firefox. So if I stop posting all of a sudden it's because something has went down and I don't know when, or if, I'll be able to fix it.
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Anonymous said...

You got a virus and or worm in your system. When hard drives go bad they just go bad. No boot up or nothing. Could be you have a spyware problem also or a crawler.

Jake said...

Your so lucky I've had nothing to do the last few days, otherwise, I'd have never stopped by here.

The file names turning blue, means Windows XP has "compressed" them.

Although, I have no clue as to whether they will just compress themselves.

I suggest you run your spyware programs. And a quick run of your anti-virus program wouldn't hurt either [I'd suggest updating first, and then a FULL SCAN -- not a "smart" one].

Spyware Programs YOU MUST HAVE:
Spybot: Search and Destroy
Ad-Aware SE Personal

Anti-Virus Program YOU MUST HAVE:
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Anonymous said...

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Christopher Lee said...

I've ran anti-virus, Norton, twice and it said I had the Trojan.ByteVerify virus. It deleted it but it's still having the trouble. I ran SpyBot and had no spyware. I'll try the Ad-Aware and AVG and see if either of those help. I'm damn close to just taking a hammer to this damn machine and forgetting the whole thing.

SSG_E said...

might have to do a system restore. or you may have to disable it and run the anti virus again b/c the virus could be hiding in the system restore files

Christopher Lee said...

Okay Jake, I ran AVG and it found nothing. Then I ran Ad-Aware and it found


Is that the actual blaster worm or is the update I downloaded from Microsoft? Because it's been there for awhile and I'v never had trouble before.