Saturday, August 20, 2005
I know this Cindy Sheehan thing is starting to wear a little thin for some, but this is an interesting story. Look who's backing Ms. Sheehan's efforts. Don't expect Big Media to cover this one.

Also, pay attention to the part about the "fake" e-mail to "Tom" Koppel. She really needs to stop consorting with Michael Moore. Her hatred is overshining her "concern".
Thanks John.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing


SSG_E said...

this is the difference between Conservatives and liberals. The far fringe right is completely shut out of public discourse and should be. We ignore their ignorant rantings and the fringe right is widely hated by all Conservatives. Meanwhile the far left and the modern Democratic party embraces the ignorant rantings of their kooky fringe factions and the media gives them all the air time in the world. The insane ravings and riddiculous conspiracy theories of the left are given center stage and are thus more dnagerous than the racist and anti-semetic nonsense that the loons on the far right spew. So now here we are and the fringe right has sided with the fringe left over Sheehan and now the anti-Bush rantings of Dukes and the Nazis are identical to the rantings from the left. Dukes suppoerted Kerry for pres. btw. How ironic. Not surprising, but ironic.

Christopher Lee said...

Dude, I don't know who you are, but I've been reading the comments you've made over the past hour or so and I like what I'm reading. You're able to put into words the things I can't. You make a hell of a lot of sense. Glad to have you aboard.

Anonymous said...

Of course it couldn't have anything to do with the right's penchant for pulling the left-wing nuts out into the spotlight.

I have yet to find a right-wing pundit who does not follow these guidelines - and Mr Unknown here is almost a textbook case.
How to argue like a right-wing pundit
Further ways to argue like a conservative

SSG_E said...

do you ever have anything relevant to say za, or does your ignorance know no bounds? you know we really are all born ignorant, but you have to try very hard to stay stupid. i think perhaps you may be trying too hard. i can make a cartoon strip to make you and your left-wing maniacs look foolish too, only that is too easy. for once try bringing some intelligent thought to the table. we could just as easily show your comic strip in the inverse and it would apply quite well to the liberal pundits you likely idolize.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with brains could see the relevance. You grandstand, spout hypotheticals, assume how I live. In other words, you're entirely bullcrap.

Perhaps you're marketable? Bullcrap in a bottle.

If you want to characterise "liberal pundits" then go ahead. I'm not stopping you, and if it's "so easy", I'm sure you could give us a taster by tomorrow.

As I've said, I'm doing a double degree and getting fantastic grades, meanwhile you're just spouting bullshit because you've got nothing. Sad, sad little person. All you can say is "that's not relevant" or "you're an idiot", or spout party propaganda. Go you.

Anonymous said...

like you are so high and mighty. you are no different from everyother cookie cutter liberal so indoctrinated that you havent an original thought in your head. you are an arrogant s.o.b. and you think you are "enlightened". yeah whatever. if you are so smart when are you going to say something profound. so far all i hear from you is the same crap regurgutated over and over from the left. nothing ever changes.

Anonymous said...

And the way you bandy about terms, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't even know what socialism is.

Let me guess - it's a system designed to "remove freedoms"?

Anonymous said...

socialism may not have been intended to remove freedoms, but it has had that affect almost everywhere it is tried. look at the sad state europe is in. most of europe consists of socialist "democracies". germany has double digit unemployment rates and taxes are so hogh in many european nations that it is easier to be a drug addicted jobless welfare whore than to actually get a job and try to succeed. trust me, i know because i lived there.

Anonymous said...

Please point one place it was actually tried.

The USSR tossed out the actual Communists before Lenin ever even got into power (Red-White war, remember?).

The inverse, which I assume you're advocating is to turn society into a game of "winners" and "losers" - with the vast majority of people falling into the "losers" category, with no support to get them back up. Simple fact of how the economy works. Capitalism is a brutish system.