Friday, August 26, 2005
Here's a story that hasn't gotten to much press coverage. Michael Moore is set to fork over, no pun intended, $3,800 a week to go to a Florida weigh loss center to loose weight. Just like the Hollywood elite. $3,800, when all he has to do is eat less and exorcise more. That's what I'm trying to do, and funny enough it's working a little. And without dishing out almost four grand a week. Go figure. And I'm obviously no expert in diets, but isn't four pounds a week kind of dangerous? The ideal, from what I've heard, is one or two. I hate Michael Moore, and I really am glad to see him doing this, but don't be dumb about it. Well, any more dumb than paying $4,000 a week anyway.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing


Anonymous said...

Well, actually, for his size, and for the first 3 weeks as they are suggesting, 4 pounds a week is okay (will be mostly water). As long as the long term goal is closer to 2 pounds a week. And, the Pritikin Center is very well known as being excellent - it is also a educational scenario, teaching life long healthy eating and exercise habits. It is not a fad, really. It has been around a long time, and is well established and known by physicians and dietitians all over. Yes, the cost is crazy! But, if I could afford it and the time off to do it, .....hey, why not?!

Anonymous said...

Chris - how much is "working a little"?

See, the difference is that he's getting professional dieticians and specially trained people to help him. That's where the main part of the cost comes in.

I'll agree it's overpriced, but if you had that much cash, wouldn't you?

Christopher Lee said...

Well, I like to keep some things in my private life just that, private. But a couple of inches have been lost. And no, I wouldn't pay alomst 4 grand to loose weight even if I had it. Just eat less and exorcise more. That's all you need to do.

Anonymous said...

"Just eat less and exorcise more. That's all you need to do." - Chris

That is correct Chris. But, it's not so easy (is it?!). Agreed, you can even get the professioinal help without paying that amount. But, it is not so easy to just "eat less and exercise more". And remember, you're only 26 - just wait as you get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult!

All in all - I wish you good luck in your endeavors! It is an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm envious of your ability to gain weight.

Anonymous said...

Thats right Za ole boy..then if you were not such a pussy; you could fight your way out of a wet paper bag!!