Tuesday, August 9, 2005
I have a question for those of you with iPods. How can you justify the way you get ripped off on one of these things? First there's the $200-$400 price for the player itself, then the $99 battery replacement. What the hell. As if Apple isn't making enough money on the silly thing they have to charge you $99 for the privilege of them giving you a new battery and loosing all your stored music in the process. I was going to get one a couple of years ago, but then I started to look at reviews and found out it would be a waste of time.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree totally with you. The iPod is a total ripoff. A friend of mine got one, and now, to download any new music, he has to pay .99 cent per song. Why not just buy the cd and save $200? I don't understand the craze; it seems like consumer baiting and frenzy to me.


Christopher Lee said...

No, I love my MP3 player. Even though it doesn't work right now. Cheap 64MB RCA. I don't mind paying a few cents for a song, .88 at Wal-Mart.com. I'd love to have an iPod, if not for the price involved.

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