Sunday, August 21, 2005
So, Saddam says he'll sacrifice his life and soul for the cause.

My soul and my existence is to be sacrificed for our precious Palestine and our beloved, patient and suffering Iraq.

Well, hell, I think we can acomodate that.
Thanks John.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing


Anonymous said...

No better than those you villify.

Christopher Lee said...

Yes it is. Because I don't want him dead because he's Arab, or brown skinned or because he claims to be Muslim. I want him dead because he called for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

Anonymous said...

the most conservative estimates were around 300,000, but after all the mass graves that have been found since it has easily topped one million.

Anonymous said...

And there are conservative estimates placing the US-induced death toll at more than 500,000 in Iraq for the past 10 or more years.

Not to mention the fact that almost everyone Saddam killed was done either as a US-paid op (as in the Ba'athist coups) or with US WMDs and US endorsement.

Hardly a glowing record for yourself, is it?

Anonymous said...

Za; You get wackier ever day.

Christopher Lee said...

Not surprisingly, I agree with John. You get more extreme day by day. Yes, our troops have accidentally killed a lot of people, but there are two HUGE differences.

1) They regret everyone of them and mourn when it happens. Do you think Saddam or his troops mourned when they put a bullet through the head of five year old? Or threw someone's dad into a woodchipper?

2) It's not our military's or Government's policy to kill innocent civilians, unlike it was Saddam's.

I know you want to lump us in with these killers, but to do it you reach far beyond your limits.

Anonymous said...

So tell me - the embargoes were accidental then? The continuous bombing of Iraq's cities for more than a decade. Accidental? The fact that in the past 3 years, the death toll to the Iraqi civilians was twice that under Saddam... Accidental?

What's next, the entire war was accidental?

In reference to point 1, until Kuwait, Saddam was America's buddy, and was entirely backed by them.

In reference to point 2, it's your government's policy to do whatever the hell's in its interest, and innocent civilians be damned. I suppose they thought that boosting the opium and cocaine trade in Afghanistan to help give their groups funds to fight against the Communists was just a way of injecting sunshine and lollipops, hmm?

It's really not hard to lump the US with "these killers" - all of Saddam's biological weapons were US gifts. All his weapons programs: based off those gifts. How about you go read what America's been up to before telling me that I'm "getting more extreme".