Tuesday, March 14, 2006


There doesn't seem to be anything worth talking about at this time, so, just to post something, I put this question to you. Rudy Giuliani (I) in 2008? He can't win the Republican nomination, the hardcore Right absolutely will not vote for him. But were he to run as an Independent he could get enough of the moderate Republicans and Democrats to vote for him so as to put a major dent in the two parties. Could he win as and Independent? I honestly don't know, but there is a good possibility. People have become so disenfranchised with the two major parties, the back and forth sniping and underhanded politics, that we could see the rise of a third party real soon. Just so long as it's not those Looney Tune Green's. Damn tree hugging hippies. But should Rudy so this, it would be the first time that I didn't vote Republican. A strange thought for me.
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Anonymous said...

I supose all the articles I send are not worth mentioning.. Oh well. The word will get out anyway.