Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Illegals, Illegals Everywhere And Not A Cop In Site

I wonder how many of these people are here illegally? My guess, at least 80%. This makes me sick. First that they're here and second that the higher ups in the Government, Bush, doesn't care. I wish they(the government) would listen to my plan about putting land mines all along the border and making a reality show of it. Who Wants To Be An American Citizen. And before I get called a racist again, I have two nephews who're half Mexican so don't try it.
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Kevin Johnson said...

That's an incredible idea! I know I'd watch every episode.

It's a crying shame that illegal aliens can get together in public and not have to worry about being caught and sent back to their native country.

Anonymous said...

Chris, quite simply, it ain't gonna happen. There is not the political will to end this blatant disregard for the sovereignty of our borders. The first step is to get the guard at the borders, armed and prepared. I know this is hard, and I am sympathetic in many cases, but this has to end 10 years ago. Business and individuals who are hiring illegals must be fined and/or imprisoned when caught. Those caught entering illegally must be fingerprinted and photographed, and fed into a data center. One you have entered illegally once, that's it, you are no longer eligible to become a citizen, get a Visa etc. The photos and fingerprints will be the evidence that they have entered illegally before. This is not all of the solution, but if someone had the balls to do these few things, it would go a long way in solving the problem.