Friday, March 24, 2006

Illegal Aliens

Head over and read Deo's experiences with illegal aliens on a day to day basis in Los Angeles. Screw that. I'd pack up and let the Liberal have California. It's going down the toilet anyway, get out while you can.
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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is an ironic post.

See, it was illegal for a black person to sit at the front of a bus before the 60s.

It's a conservative tactic to declare law over morality, and a liberal tactic to declare rights over law.

Now, if one were to apply such a conservative tactic to... oh, say, the War of Independence, perhaps the separatists should have just laid down their weapons and gone home - I mean, it was against the law to fight against taxation without representation, heck, it was against the law to fight for representation fullstop.

The final irony is that the country founded on a revolution of rights has formed its own status quo, and outlawed revolution against any oppression that might cause.

Thierrion said...

What the fuck is it with foreigners thinking they have any business "educating" us about our own country?

Za....what the FUCK are you talking about? Really!

Hey Chris! Found your blog through the Spork. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


If a tenth of China's population decided to get on a boat(or swim) to Darwin and make their way to New South Wales, I don't think you'd consider them "guests".

Of course, Taiwan will be China's first "lily pad" before they decide to do anymore island hopping in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Conquistadore - mindlessly following the law has historically proven to be a method of oppression. In the past it's been used to perpetuate racial and gender inequalities (because that's the law, so that's how it should be), slavery, and so on.

It's conservatism at its "finest".

And Reagan, if a tenth of China's population decided to get on a single boat, I'd be surprised if it floated. But taking your suggestion at its implicit value - Australia probably couldn't support that many people.

However, given the opportunity to spread them over a number of nations - sure why not let them in?