Monday, March 20, 2006

What The Hell?

Reader John K sent this.

Thousands of women in Pakistan are facing charges for the crime of, get this, being raped. At least President Musharraf is attempting to do something about this law. Once again, this is the mentality we're dealing with and people still think we can make peace?
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Anonymous said...

Pakistanis for the most part, aren't the people you're dealing with.

Similarly, that has nothing to do with Islam - it's traditional tribal law.

Seriously, and you call ME a hate-monger.

Christopher Lee said...

Actually, the people I'm talking about dealing with are extreme Muslims. Whether they're from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or where ever. You can't talk to people like this.

Anonymous said...

Well America is certainly NOT dealing with "extreme Islam" in any respect.

In Iraq, you're dealing with people who don't want America to control Iraq, and in relation to Al Qaeda you're dealing with people who hate your guts because of the way you treated them in the past, and your international relations policies.

However, please, continue to denegrate it to a product of Islam, there's something in the works that may well soon show you up.

Anonymous said...

Thats right..we are not dealing with extreme Islam..its the middle of the road Islam. You know..Sharia law etc etc? Mainstream Islam. Like I been telling you people for a long time. Those wacked out laws and beliefs are MAINSTREAM...
The dark ages have never left the death cult of Islam. Sooner or later; you guys are going to have to be realistic about things; just like Muslims as a whole.

Anonymous said...

John, please tell me how a belief held by less than 20% of Muslims is mainstream?

What I was SAYING if you'd bothered with an intellectually honest discussion (but you are you) is that the groups the US is currently fighting are motivated for political reasons far more so than religious.