Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Joys And Achievements Of Socialism

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Have you ever wanted to live in paradise? Of course you have. Everyone does. Well, Socialism is for you. Under Socialism you can have everything you've ever wanted, so long as someone else has it to be given to you and you're willing let the Government control it. Have a look at the accomplishments of Socialism.

Why do a good job when the Government can take care of you? After all, it's their job.
Respect the laws of the land? Get real. Laws are outdated concepts anyway.
Own something of your own. Now why would you want to do that when the Government can do it for you. And do you really need to be able to speak your mind?
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Anonymous said...

1) Since when are France OR California socialist? They're capitalist you dingbat.
2) It's hardly surprising that the socialist economies imploded when you had the world's last remaining superpower attempting to MAKE them implode through any means possible.

And the thing that amuses me most is that Cuba actually has the best education and healthcare of any developing nation. And the people actually like it there. It's only the Americans who really have a problem with it.

And let's not forget "double-Bush's-approval-rating" Chavez. :P

Anonymous said...

If Cuba is such a Marvelous place; How come tens of thousands risk life and lives of family members trying to cross the ocean in what ever makeshift flotation devices they can cobble together to GET OUT?? Not to mention the lives of those they leave behind for Castro reprisals?
WTF? They have long lines to get INTO that country to take advantage of the WOUNDERFUL healthcare and benefits??
Benefits like squalor and starvation? Kids are starving honey; but at least we can go and see the doctor for free and wait for a couple of days in the rat infested clinic.
Za; lets get real here. Do you know anyone who has lived there and escaped? Do you correspond with anyone there? What could possibly give you the idea that "Cuba actually has the best education and healthcare of any developing nation" still means it's SUBSTANDARD? Yea; got lots of Cuban scholars competing for the Nobel in science or any other catagory!! HAHAHA... But they do produce good Baseball players...which come to the US to play and never go back. (See Cuban olympic team).
Son..You are being duped.
Before you go saying I do not know what Iam talking about; I'll tell you that as part of one of my churches ministries; I communicate regularly with people who live there. And; My closest buddy from the army has family who live there. I hears EVERY week whats going on there. The only people who live near normal are folks who work FOR castros government.

Anonymous said...

John - that was a mindless rant that I'm not even going to answer, except for this:

Yes, I have spoken to Cubans. No, they DO like it there.

Anonymous said...

If a "Mindless Rant"; then one turn deserves another. I'll bet if your honest; the people you have spoken with work for the governemnt there. Right?

Anonymous said...

No, they don't.

I would say that "for once" I'm glad to show you up, but it happens far too often.

Anonymous said...

Shown me up? Get real..shown me what? Socialism is a failed experiment. Go to Cuba and live there. For your own "enlightenment".
Your statement reflects one thing about Libs in general though; Do not accept defeat but proclaim victory in the face of obvious defeat.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't that one get through? It IS ignorant to say that socialism and liberalism are synonymous.

Marx was living in a day and age when industry (which was only there because of classical liberal doctrine) was so abusive of its workers that it caused them to become deformed as a part of their job. Hunched backs, destroyed lungs, facial blistering from corrosive substances and so on - all part and parcel of the worker's conditions. Hence why he formulated a system where the workers get a say over the managers.

Anonymous said...

Hey screw the Mexicans and Cuba.Your brain is soft from the color images flowing through the pinholes of your eyes.
You better concern yourself with the other white meat,the Russian and Polish Underword. You Will make
love to their women while their men Will drain every scrap of everything that belongs to you even your life with a smile.It's called Team Work,or Getting Over.
Have you ever heard of Uncle Joe Stallin's..DOOR of NO RETURN?
They will even tell you that the Mexicans did it to you and You will believe them.Stop drinking the volka koolade or you will be speaking a language with little or no vowels in the future.They are the biggest Racist ever!They don't
see color,they see YOU the "stupid american capital imperialist".
And what the hell is a half Mexican.Can you take the two halfs and make a whole?And what about the other two halfs.Whats up with that?
I bet you think that a Racist is the occupational discription for a
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If you have never felt,tasted or smelt the cloud of Racisim you have noooo idea what your talking about.Seeing is dilutional.
Illegal Imagration is not just dark meat you know.

Good Day!