Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Wednesday Hero

Lance Cpl. Andrew J. Zabierek
United States Marines
26 years old from Chelmsford, Massachusetts
2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force
May 21, 2004

Zabierek, who arrived in Iraq in March, was patrolling the Al Anbar province of the country when he was struck by a vehicle, possibly driven by an Iraqi resident, U.S. Congressman Marty Meehan told The Sun of Lowell, Mass.

His father, Stephen Zabierek, told the newspaper he expected to learn more details on Tuesday.

Zabierek, a Clemson University graduate, worked for American Express Financial Advisors in Waltham before volunteering for military service after the Sept. 11 attacks, which affected him deeply, his father said.

"Andrew could have been an officer, but he chose to start out as an enlisted soldier," he said. "His point was, how do you lead a grunt if you don'’t know what a grunt goes through every day?"

Stephen Zabierek said his son had a difficult life in the Middle East, but he enjoyed talking to Iraqi children and said they would flock around him and ask questions about America and his family.

Andrew Zabierek├é’s grandfather was a World War II bombardier and his father served four years in the Navy in the early 1970s. His younger brother, Mark Zabierek, is a second lieutenant and intelligence officer in the Air Force.

Andrew Zabierek, of Chelmsford, Mass., was almost halfway through his four-year commitment to the Marines, The Sun reported.

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of Andrew. He was a brave young man," Meehan said. "Andrew answered his call to duty and made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of the United States, Iraq, and the world. We owe him all a debt of gratitude."

These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

If you have a loved who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces, and would like for me to profile them as a Wednesday Hero, I would be proud to. Just email me with some info and a photo.

Thank You
This post is dedicated to the men and woman who have served and are serving in the United States military. I've never been in the armed forces, so I don't even pretend to know everything you go through or the sacrifices you have made or are making. But my father was in the Army during the Korean War so I have tremendous respect for you and what you do for us. I just wanted to let you know that you have people back home who love, support and respect you and who wish you a safe and speedy return. You sacrifice everything in your lives for people you don't even know. You may not call yourselves heroes, but that's what you are.
Thank You
The first of every month, I post this message. It would be nice to see people honor and thank the men and woman who keep us safe. So if you would like to take part in this, just save the image above to your server and re-post this post. If you're not able to upload images, Photobucket or Tinypic are two great free host sites. What's great about this is that anyone can participate. There's no political leanings here. Show your support for the men and woman who defend our freedoms.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look

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