Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hillary '08

I keep hearing on the cable news shows that the reason Conservatives keep talking about Hillary running for president in '08 is because we're scared that she could win. Well, I'm here to confirm it. You're damn right we're scared. Can you imagine another Clinton in the White House? We had eight years of that hell already. To have another term would be cruel and unusual punishment. At least four more years of appeasement and deals. Attack after attack after attack on American citizens while the president sits on her ass doing nothing about it hoping it will solve itself. Sure, the French may like us again, but at what cost? No, another Clinton in the White House would be the end of this country. So, yeah, I'm scared of her.
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Anonymous said...

Gasp - 8 years of declining deficits, and increasing surpluses, that damn tax and spend policy (I mean, we all know you DON'T tax, but keep spending anyway!)... And man, all those attacks against US citizens. I mean, it was like a regular massacre!