Thursday, March 2, 2006

Katrina Video 2

You can read this yourselves. Just a quick question. If the governor didn't know what was going on in her own state, how was Bush supposed to know?
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Anonymous said...

Well obviously the governor is a Democrat, which means she is blameless and innocent by default. Bush, on the other hand, is a Nazi war monger and eats black babies for breakfast while mowing down old women in his Caddy bought with oil money.

Anonymous said...

Nagin did the Govenor but decided her hair appointment was more important. Just like Demorats..symbolism over substance.
Throwing the blame to The President to cover the lack of intelligence and conviction. Thats what a small insignificant portion of the American populace
does as well..each time they vote Demorat.
Hopefully someday the next generation will be saved from these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Chris, did you actually look into the Congressional investigation, or are you just pulling stuff out of the air like the however-many-months for a wiretapping warrant you said back when THAT one broke into public view?

Here's what Congress found:
- Federal officials knew long before the storm showed up on the radar that 100,000 people in New Orleans had no way to escape a major hurricane on their own and that the city had finished only 10 percent of a plan for how to evacuate its largely poor, African-American population.

- Mr. Chertoff (the chief of staff of Homeland Security Secretary) failed to name a principal federal official to oversee the response before the hurricane arrived, an omission a top Pentagon official acknowledged to investigators complicated the coordination of the response. His department also did not plan enough to prevent a conflict over which agency should be in charge of law enforcement support. And Mr. Chertoff was either poorly informed about the levee break or did not recognize the significance of the initial report about it, investigators said.

- The Louisiana transportation secretary, Johnny B. Bradberry, who had legal responsibility for the evacuation of thousands of people in nursing homes and hospitals, admitted bluntly to investigators, "We put no plans in place to do any of this."

- Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans at first directed his staff to prepare a mandatory evacuation of his city on Saturday, two days before the storm hit, but he testified that he had not done so that day while he and other city officials struggled to decide if they should exempt hospitals and hotels from the order. The mandatory evacuation occurred on Sunday, and the delay exacerbated the difficulty in moving people away from the storm.

- The New Orleans Police Department unit assigned to the rescue effort, despite many years' worth of flood warnings and requests for money, had just three small boats and no food, water or fuel to supply its emergency workers.

- Investigators could find no evidence that food and water supplies were formally ordered for the Convention Center, where more than 10,000 evacuees had assembled, until days after the city had decided to open it as a backup emergency shelter. FEMA had planned to have 360,000 ready-to-eat meals delivered to the city and 15 trucks of water in advance of the storm. But only 40,000 meals and five trucks of water had arrived.

So the local government knew what was going to happen, and they did their best with the jack all they had, but they were effectively attempting to forge a precedent procedure. But their's isn't the only responsibility, and people who say it is are the ones who want to cover the president's ass all the time.

However, Homeland Security knew at 9:27 that night, and the White House knew at midnight that New Orleans was flooding, and yet the White House still acted shocked and said they were caught by surprise when they were told on August 30th. Heaven forbid that they should lie to the public though.