Wednesday, March 29, 2006

True Story From The Front Line

As you all know, DeoDuce lives in Los Angeles. Ground Zero for the immigration debate. We've been e-mailing back and forth about this and I wanted to share something she sent me.

I'm very, very worried about these protests and the media, in my opinion, is sugar-coating it. The point is that downtown is basically impassable, and the protests are spreading to other areas (like our neighborhood). I am at the point where I dare not venture into neighborhoods that are heavily hispanic out of fear of my own safety.

I completely agree with you that California is going to hell in a handbasket, and fast. The media isn't saying much about this, but if something isn't done, we're looking at historic rioting and violence soon. Racial tensions are running very high in LA right now, and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.

What's worse is that our city mayor is part of the racist group "La Raza," which is why any reform here is impossible. The illegals have successfully invaded, and now are using their mass numbers and politicians to control the city.

It's very scary being here right now...protestors everywhere, cops and helicopters flying around at all hours...

California is one the verge of collapse. Socialism can only go so far before it implodes on itself and I think within the next year or so California will do just that. As she said, the mayor is part of the problem and with Gov. Schwarzenegger not doing what needs to be done and Bush not caring, people will soon start dying. Like Deo said, we're looking at historic rioting and violence soon. Racial tensions are running very high in LA right now, and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse. Unless something is done it's going to get very bad.

I just wanted to add something more about this debate to this post. I keep hearing that if we were to round up the estimated 11-12 million, I've actualy seen some estimates of around 20 million, illegal aliens in this country that our economy would collapse. Bunk. Illegal aliens only make up about 4% of our economy. I also keep hearing that they do the jobs Americans don't want. That's pure bullshit. There are millions of Americans that want jobs but can't get one because they're not qualified for many thing and the jobs they are qualified to do are being filled by illegals. Here's a pretty good site with some info. But beware, she's an opponant of illegal immigration so it's probably all lies.
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Anonymous said...

How the bloody hell is California socialist?!?

Christopher Lee said...

The numbfuck Liberals in California believe in cradle to grave entitlements. "The government has to take care of me. They owe me". Check out San Francisco and for confirmation. That's Socialist.

Anonymous said...

No, actually, it's not socialist. Socialism only involves a nationalisation and democratisation of industry. Welfare is entirely irrelevant to socialism, sorry.

What you are ignorantly thinking of is a bastardisation of communism. Communism is where all industry is nationalised and democratised to a point where people are paid for their labour directly in their share of the produced goods. That's not welfare either - that's just direct payment rather than the indirect payment of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I don't know why you even bother debating with the mutant.

Anonymous said...

...Extreme right-winger calling someone a mutant... that IS rich.

Look, if you actually CHECKED any REAL definition of communism or socialism, you'd see that it's to do with who controls industry. Welfare is a liberal capitalist policy, used as a method of equalising opportunity (hence the term "welfare liberal"). It's utterly irrelevant to socialism or communism.