Monday, March 13, 2006

Wild Weekend

Storms, storms, go away, never return another day. I'm sure if you've been watching the news then you know this weekend was wracked with storms in the Midwest. The Great State Of OklahomaTM included. But we were lucky. A few tornado warnings, maybe a funnel or two, but we escaped with only some beneficial rain. But I think our time is due. For the past three years we've been lucky when it comes to storms, but I think this year will be different. If anyone can remember back to May 3, 1999... the largest tornado on record. I've heard some reports state winds at over 300mph. Wasn't a fun day. But that's what I think we're in store for this year. Maybe not here, but somewhere. The next 3 months will be hell.
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Anonymous said...

I was very close to the tornados in Missouri that killed nine. Sirens were going on and off all day and most of the night. Very nerve racking.

Christopher Lee said...

I love Oklahoma, but not during the spring. Almost makes me want to move to Alaska.