Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Triple Dog Dare You II

Back in January I issued a challenge for anyone to give me a rational reason why abortion should be legal other than the three I stated. No one could. So I thought I would give another chance. I keep hearing that since Bush has taken office he's been taking away our civil liberties one at a time. I challenge any American to show me where George W. Bush has taken any civil liberties away from your or I. This challenge isn't issued to anyone outside the country, since frankly you're not effected either way. This challenge has also been issued at Hooah Wife, should you like to read some of those responses. Should I fall flat on my face I will of course admit that I was wrong. Good luck.
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Anonymous said...

I should point out that we DID give you rational reasons, you just mocked them.

Apparently, a mother giving birth to a vegetable who has to spend the rest of its life on life support, and will continuously be a drain on people's finances without ever living a life of its own is your option over abortion, so I don't believe you are in any position to tell us what's "rational".

Anonymous said...

Linked to this story in my Weekend Specials Post here:

Christopher Lee said...

Thank you, Jo.