Monday, March 6, 2006


Hillary claims she didn't know about "Bubba's" work in the UAE/port story. Yeah, right.

All the politicians trying to win this November are up in arms over said port story. They feel no foreign-owned company should run port operations, but it's funny they've never voiced their concerns before. And now this story about a foreign-owned company that owns and operates an airport in Indianapolis. Why weren't they up in arms over this deal when it went down? Reeks of political windsocking?

The big muckety-mucks in the Democratic party are upset with Howard Dean. He helped raise $50 million for the party and now only has just over $5 million left on hand. Unless Dean can get his act together his party may just stage a coup and overthrow him.

Poor far-Left America haters. Just can't catch a break.

Mr. Kerry, how often to you jet around in your private plane? Did you fly in it to get to the U.K.? How often do you ride around town in your limo? How many homes do you have? And how much oil does all those things use? Story.
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Anonymous said...

I think, Chris, that you'll find that the "left-wing America haters" actually just love an America that doesn't exist anymore - you know, that one that the founding fathers founded.