Thursday, March 2, 2006

Right-Wing & Right Minded Poll

Who's a better president?

A) George W. Bush
B) Bill Clinton

Kind of a slanted question wouldn't you say? Considering who my readers are chances are that Bush will come out on top by a wide margin. Well, it's kind of like CBS's poll on W's job approval. According to their poll, Bush's job approval is down to 34%. But there seems to be something wrong with the poll. It appears that CBS questioned quite a few more Democrats than Republicans. 137 more to be exact. 409-272. Here's a PDF(70K) of the poll. It also has quite a few more questions that were asked and got the same skewed response. Now, when you ask more people who already hate someone of course you're going to get this type of outcome. But it's CBS. We shouldn't really expect more.
Credit: Opinionnation Times
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WomanHonorThyself said...

Never trust stats my friend...To say theyre oftentimes innacurate is a masterpiece of understatement.

Christopher Lee said...

For the most part I doen't even look at polls. I mean, how can they ask 1000 people and think that represents the country?

RightWing said...

You should have seen Brit Hume's face as he reported this very story it was priceless! He knew exactly how slanted the poll was!

Anonymous said...

Never trust any poll or STATS provided by: CBS, ABC, PMS-NBC, CNN.Thats what it shows me; this article.
Matter of fact; I don't trust thier news either. Friggin Dinosaur media.

Anonymous said...

Clinton was a President?
Sheesh..I just thought he was a lying cheating peddler of socialist crap. Oh and a liar to America and a Grand Jury.
Not my idea of a Leader nor a Chief Executive. Makes my skin crawl when I hear those words. "President Clinton"

Anonymous said...

Interesting... well everywhere OUTSIDE the US it's considered fact that Bush didn't win those elections, so you should get used to it. The only people who hold it to be false are Republicans.

Christopher Lee said...

First, read the notice.

Second, how do you figure Bush didn't win either election. We have a thing called the electorial college here in the states, as I'm sure you know. Bush got more votes than Gore in it, hence he won. And in 2004 he beat Kerry in both the EC and popular vote. Hence, he won again.

Anonymous said...

I read the notice. I just find it amusing that you'd censor the monkey comment.

Easy - the votes for who should be voting in the electoral college were tampered with. That's why Gore went to court. Ever wonder why they kept trying to stop a recount?

2004 is certainly more iffy than 2000, but the 2000 election is considered a certainty for tampering. To the point that the UN did actually suggest that they should put their electoral fairness team on it to make sure 2004 wouldn't be tampered with (of course, you don't need me to tell you where the administration told them they could stick that idea).

Christopher Lee said...


You liberals crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're a neoliberal yourself.