Thursday, March 9, 2006

Rudy Wins

Recently, Quinnipiac University took a poll. In it they asked a group of people to rate politicians between 0 and 100. The man who came out on top with a 63.5 was Rudy Giuliani. And those numbers were across the board. Republicans and Democrats. Now, if only we could get some on the right to open their eyes and see that Giuliani is our only hope for 2008. Frist won't do it. Newt won't do it. Mitt Romney won't do it. Hillary, who scored 50.4, will beat them all. And it will be Hillary. Don't fool yourself. She will win the nomination and quite possibly the presidency. Over half the country say they wouldn't vote for her, now, but between now and 2008 anything can happen. As I've stated many times before, abortion is on the low end of my priorities when voting for president. National security is number one. That's why I plan to write Giuliani's name in if he's not on the ballot. His views and my views on the subject are damn close. There's no one else out there right now that I would vote for.
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Jake said...

"For the most part I doen't even look at polls. I mean, how can they ask 1000 people and think that represents the country?"

Quick, who am I quoting?

Christopher Lee said...

Let me ask you. Do you deny that Rudy's a pretty popular guy and the Republicans best hope for 2008?

Anonymous said...

There's also the whole "half the country says they won't vote for her" poll citation.

Reapo Girl said...

I think polls are usually bogus. I agree though, the GOP needs a good canidate for 08. I've always liked Giuliani, it'd be a pretty exciting election if ran. It's hard to imagine who the 08 nomminee will be.