Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday Heroes

Something different this week. Rather than honor a soldier I thought I would honor their spouses. I have to thank Greta, who's husband was in Iraq himself, for her help with this post.

This post is dedicated to every military spouse who sits at home while their husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is overseas doing what they do so others can have some of the freedoms we enjoy. I wanted to highlight one such spouse.

Silke(See-ka) Edwards

Silke's husband, LTC Jim Edwards, had been in Iraq for over a year, with a break to come home for Christmas last year, and is due to come back home April 4th from his 2nd deployment. While he's been over there Silke has been back home taking care of their two children, ages 7 & 9. My guess is that that's not an easy job. The whole time she's doing that she also volunteers with CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocate Association). An organization that works with abused and neglected children and helps find homes for them. Silke is herself former Army. Spending six years in the service.

These men and woman are the true unsung heroes. Everything they have to deal with day in and day out, and yet they still manage to do what they need to. Takes someone stronger than me. To everyone who stays back home while their loved ones leave to help others, thank you. Your sacrifices are truly appreciated.
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