Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another One

First it was Richard Belzer and Bill Maher now it's actor Jake Gyllenhaal's turn to offend the troops. Gyllenhall, star of Brokeback Mountain, said the following about veterans of the Gulf War.
The US soldiers were sent to the desert for 122 days and they sat in the same tent and did nothing, except a little too much masturbating.
Huh, I bet I could find a few soldiers who would disagree. Namely the 148 soldiers that were killed in action. What, did they die from carpal tunnel or something? What a fucking dickwad. No pun intended.
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Jeremy C. said...

I seen jarhead and really didn't think much of the movie. Now he is an expert because he played a soldier in a movie. He needs to snort another line and smoke another joint to forget this comment.

Ed B. said...

Just ran across this blog. Definitely one of my favorites.

So Gyllenhaal played a soldier, and now he's a military expert? So being a gay sheep hearder makes expert at tentmaking?

Seriously, just because you have a lot of money doesn't make you smart.