Tuesday, April 25, 2006

She Was Against Before She For It Before She Was Against It

Hillary Clinton makes John Kerry look almost sane. She's playing politics with the border issue. But, then again, so are all politicians. So don't be too surprised. Poll numbers say Americans want a border fence, so Hilldebeest is for it. First she said
I am adamantly against illegal immigrants
Then she goes a votes against a bill that would have expanded illegal immigration detention centers and funded the hiring of new border patrol agents and said that the current plan in the House would "criminalize even Jesus himself". And now she's for a fence that would keep Jesus himself out of the country. Read the title again.

However, I'm with her on the fence. Not for the same vote happy reason, but the idea is great. We Need A Fence.
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Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look at the bill she voted against, and what she's suggesting they're two different things.

The original bill she voted against would have seen the immigrants taken onto US soil. The one she's suggesting seems to indicate that they wouldn't.

Finally, I should point out that while a "majority" supports the idea of a wall, it's not a particularly overwhelming majority. 56% isn't decisive by any stretch of the imagination.