Thursday, April 27, 2006

What Nukes?

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RR said...

Common... a dose of reality is in order.

Bush is the one who calls pakistan an ally: but pakistan is the country that gave nuclear technology to N. Korea and Libya. If you believe a single scientist acted along (without the help of the security services) I have some land I'd love to sell you.

Musharef, a military dictator is the only thing keeping the majority of citizens in that fundamentalist islamic country pouring over the boarder into afghanistan and attacking our troops. (They are harboring Osama tho -- remember him? Wasn't he the guy that's responsible for the attacks?)

How Clinton and an improving relationship with Iran is to blame can only be an image conjured by a right-wing zealot. If you remember, the younger generation in Iran was pressing more and more for democratic reforms in the 90's. President Shrub's policies helped solidify nationalism in that country and bring the hard-liners back to power.

RR said...

Why do right-wingers filter comments?

Is the free exchange of ideas something to be feared?