Friday, April 21, 2006

Great Liars

Say what you will about the Left, you have to admit they're master manipulators. They've somehow gotten people around the world to believe the "open minded" lie and that they're more tolerant than us racist Right-wingers. But every once and a while they're true colors shine through. What with them calling black Republicans oreos and Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima and House Slave. Now comes this. This is some of the sickest stuff I've ever read. Warning: Contains Extreme Language.
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Gary said...

I too, posted on this

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that you ignore this which is a part of the article, or this, and instead harp on about the hatemailers and try to make them the "example of the whole".

There's ALWAYS crazy people who make extreme statements about anything, and I don't think anyone's convinced anyone that it doesn't happen (unless you've somehow convinced yourself of it?).

That said, these people (which I assume to be students, given the context of the problem and given that it's generally students who write that sort of thing) just need something to calm them down. I know you'll say "they're just haters", like you usually do, but this sort of thing comes from both sides of the fence and it's not some occupation, it's just a result of the fact that they're very angry.

And I'd also like to point out that you yourself are not above saying such things (except generally it more involves anal rape rather than FGM).

Christopher Lee said...

I don't recall every using a racist word like chink in that context, but I could be mistaken. I can't remember EVERYTHING I've said over the years.

Anonymous said...

Um... I should explain then. FGM stands for "female genital mutilation".

Generally you are more fond of saying people deserved to be anally raped or tortured in other fashions than having barbed wire threaded through one's genitals, but the vehemence is still there.

That was what I was referring to.