Saturday, April 8, 2006

Black Conservative Leaders

Retired Naval Chief, Seaspook, has a great post up about how the Left have long exploited blacks in this country and how black leaders are finally opening their eyes to that fact. Head over and read his post.
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Anonymous said...

Actually his first paragraph - on the welfare programs - is bollocks.

Paragraph three suggests that the fact that African Americans are disenfranchised has nothing to do with them forming their own subculture - despite the fact that it's widely known that all non-Anglo social groups in the US form their own subcultures. And apparently the fact that slums inherently cause gangs is the fault of the people who help get money into those areas - not the fault of those who give money to those who are already rich with the intent of letting it "trickle down"... a tactic shown throughout history not to work.

And I wouldn't know anything about the cause of problems in the American education system - except that it's generally considered sub-par nation-wide. Of course the fact that conservatives just pulled the plug on funding students in Bush's last budget is probably irrelevant too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and need I remind you that when it came to you actually applying your policy ideas, you came out as democratic socialist - and considerably left of the Republican party?